Shaping and carving your reeds for the best sound requires experience and a sharp reed knife. The best way to get the sharp blade you need is with a Wicked Edge Precision Sharpening knife sharpener.

Benefits of a Wicked Edge Knife Sharpening System

The quality of the steel and the sharpening technology affect how sharp a blade can become, and not all technology is your friend. Traditional knife sharpeners can be difficult to use; maintaining the proper angle for the duration of the process isn’t always easy. Traditional sharpening methods can take a great deal of time and may wear down the blade unnecessarily, forcing you to replace knives often.

At Wicked Edge, our patented technology provides a fast, simple method to achieve a perfectly shaped and finished edge on your reed knife. Our design includes innovation such as fixed-angle control and precise sharpening movements that:

  • Allows anyone, even the inexperienced, to use it effectively.
  • Allows for quick, easy precision sharpening.
  • Allows you to restore old knives that are too dull.
  • Helps you extend the lives of your knives by reducing wear on the steel.

A Wicked Edge knife sharpener is the tool you need to get the edge you want; you’ll have control and precision in your hands.

Achieve Reed Knife Perfection with Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners

Whether you want to maintain a knife, restore an old knife or provide multiple reed musicians with a knife sharpening tool, Wicked Edge’s precision knife sharpeners are the solution. Our sharpeners are even used by professional musicians and orchestras around the country. Contact us today!

Call 877.616.9911 for precision knife sharpening for the perfectly shaped reed knife.

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