Reed making is the most challenging aspect of being a Double Reed player. We were contacted by Robert Huffman, an expert in the Double Reed community, who brought the issue to our attention. Reed makers know that the best reeds are the direct product of the sharpness of the reed knife.

“The secret to a good reed is a sharp knife” -Marcel Tabuteau

How do you get a perfectly sharpened reed knife? By using the amazing knife sharpening system from Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners. In collaboration with Robert Huffman and other reed professionals, we have determined that the Wicked Edge Pro-Pack I in conjunction with Wicked Edge accessory stones, such as the Naniwa-Chosera 2000/3000 Water Stones Pack is a great combination of Wicked Edge products to sharpen reed knives. For a custom consultation with Robert Huffman, feel free to email him at He is an expert sharpening reed knives with the Wicked Edge Sharpening System. He will be able to advise you about the system that is best for your needs. You may also contact us directly.

What is Wicked Edge Precision Sharpening?

Wicked Edge knife sharpening systems have revolutionized how reed makers sharpen their knives. Our sharpeners use innovative, patented technology to help Double Reed players achieve a perfect edge for their reed knives. Our systems provide the precision needed to sharpen and maintain reed knives and also to restore your older knives.

Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners are manual sharpening machines that sharpens both sides of your knife at once, while maintaining a constant angle. Knife sharpening is all about angle control. A knife sharpener from Wicked Edge allows you to choose the angle that is best for your scraping style and to maintain that angle throughout the sharpening process. Wicked Edge offers a wide variety of accessory sharpening stones and strops that allow you to achieve the level of sharpness that is best for your needs.

The Benefits of a Precision Sharpener from Wicked Edge

A poorly sharpened reed knife causes you to press as you scrape, actually crushing the reed fibers which directly affects response, resistance, stability and tone quality. Even the smallest error made while scraping the reed will result in an inferior reed. One of the best safeguards a Double Reed musician can have is a reed knife with a perfectly shaped and finished edge.

A precision sharpener from Wicked Edge helps you achieve maximum knife sharpness that aids you in producing a superior scraping edge. Your knife will be the sharpest it’s ever been, providing you with tremendous control as you make your reeds.

Precision Sharpening for Your Reeds Knives

When you rely on your knife to help you perfectly scrape your reeds, you need a knife sharpener relied upon by professional musicians, orchestras and conservatories around the country. Contact Wicked Edge today to put professional sharpening results in your hands.

Call 877.616.9911 for a fast, easy and effective sharpener for your reed knife.

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