As an outdoorsman, you rely on having sharp knives with you at all times. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners are superior sharpening tools that will help you keep your knives razor sharp, no matter where you are.

The Wicked Edge Concept

Outdoor activities such as field dressing, camping, and fishing can be tough on knives, and more traditional methods of knife sharpening don’t provide the level of sharpness and durability that you need. The developer of Wicked Edge, Clay Allison, owned and operated an outfitting company that specialized in big game for over 15 years. After years of having to bring a sharpener with him into the field because his edges went dull very quickly, he created a product that puts an edge on your knives that will last and that you can trust. At Wicked Edge we are dedicated to providing unparalleled sharpening results.

We have spent countless hours testing edges in all types of conditions and on all types of materials. The Wicked Edge design will put a perfect apex on your edge, keeping your edge much sharper for longer. It doesn’t matter if you are field dressing an animal or chopping kindling for your fire, Wicked Edge Sharpeners give you the ability to choose the best angle for your knife to accomplish any task.

Wicked Edge sharpening tools have overcome the issues associated with other knife sharpeners; they provide precision and repeatability in a single package that makes sharpening quick and easy for any who use it. The results attainable with the Wicked Edge are unlike anything else out there. Check out our knife gallery to see some spectacular edges by the Wicked Edge.

The Wicked Edge Difference                                     

The Wicked Edge difference is in the design. Our award-winning, patented technology includes:

  • A unique clamp that holds your knife blade firmly in place throughout the entire sharpening process
  • Guide rods that enable easily repeatable sharpening motion
  • Diamond sharpening stones that will sharpen any steel

Our products are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and space-age composite materials. Our Field and Sport and Field and Sport Pro models are portable and precision engineered for manual sharpening wherever you are.

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Not all knife sharpening tools are equal. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners provides professional sharpening results you can create yourself whether you’re at home or out in the woods. You can rely on Wicked Edge to keep your knives sharp so you’re ready for anything. Contact us today!

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