A razor-sharp knife is a thing of beauty, but it can be difficult to get there with traditional sharpening methods. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners delivers professional results for every type of straight blade in your collection quickly, easily and by your own hand!

What Makes Our Professional Knife Sharpener Different?

With our sharpeners, we set out to correct the shortcomings of other methods of knife sharpening. Our award-winning, patented technology is designed for:


    Our technology holds knives steady throughout the sharpening process, and an angle control system on our Professional Series helps achieve and maintain a perfect sharpening angle.


    Our guide rods and stone holders allow for easy, repeated movement of the diamond grit grinding stones and strops, helping you create the precise grind you want.


    Precision and repeatability provide knife sharpening that doesn’t wear down your knives; your blade will hold its edge for far longer than a blade with poorly formed and shaped bevels.

Our sharpeners make it easy for you to achieve an incredible edge for every straight-edged knife in your collection no matter your level of sharpening expertise.

Resources for Knife Enthusiasts

At Wicked Edge, we’re knife enthusiasts too; we understand that keeping your knives in the best possible shape is your priority. That’s why we provide resources to help you become a sharpening expert with our sharpeners, including:

  • Demos
  • Resources
  • Knife database
  • Forum
  • Knife sharpening academy

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service along with exceptional knife sharpening ability.

If you’re looking for a superior sharpening system to give your knife collection the edge it deserves, contact us today!

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