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The sharpness of your knife makes all the difference in your kitchen, whether you’re a culinary professional or a home enthusiast. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners are knife sharpening systems that have pioneered the next level in sharpening technology. Wicked Edge provides both culinary professionals and enthusiasts with sharpening systems that enable you to achieve a razor-sharp edge on your knives, with minimal blade wear. Wicked Edge Sharpeners do not require any special knowledge or skills to use. You will be able to keep your knives extremely sharp without damaging your blades.

Unparalleled Results

Across America, chefs have been astounded by the results attainable with a Wicked Edge Sharpener. Every time we demonstrate the Wicked Edge, we watch as people’s faces light up with excitement when they see just how sharp their knife can get.

How Wicked Edge Makes an Impact in Your Kitchen

Whether you’re sharpening chef knives or boning knives, western style or Japanese knives, the result is a perfectly shaped cutting edge that results in:

  • Improved ease of knife use
  • Cleaner cuts that do not bruise or crush food and help food stay fresher longer
  • Food that looks better
  • Fewer knife-related accidents
  • Efficiency in the kitchen
  • Brings fun to cutting tasks. It’s a joy to cut food when your knife is razor sharp.

Our unique design gives you the power to maintain your knives much more easily than using other sharpening methods or a sharpening service. You’ll have total control over the edge you want to create and maintain, which will positively impact your ability to prepare food.

Sharpening Systems Designed for Your Needs

Professional Use

We designed the Wicked Edge Professional Series for high volume use, which makes it perfect for professional kitchens. This system will allow you to sharpen an entire line of knives in very little time. If you are looking for a way to eliminate your sharpening service and put the control over your knife maintenance back in your hands, the Professional Series is the sharpener for you! The Wicked Edge Professional Series Sharpener is a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® 2014 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®

Check out this article for more information about how the Wicked Edge can help your business:

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Home Use

Wicked Edge offers several sharpening systems for home use. The Pro-Pack 1, Pro-Pack II and Field and Sport Sharpeners will all produce the same spectacular results as the Profession Series Sharpener. You can choose the system that is right for you by determining exactly how sharp and refined you want your edges to be.

Wicked Edge for Unmatched Sharpening Ability for Chef Knives and More in Your Hands

You may have decades of experience or no experience at all; a knife sharpening system from Wicked Edge Precision Sharpening will revolutionize the way you sharpen knives—they’re even used by the Culinary Institute of America! Contact us today and experience the Wicked Edge difference.

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