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April 2017 Newsletter

Fall Newsletter Banner April 2017 Newsletter


April 2017

Trade Show Season is in full swing and we are busy as usual. Over the next few weeks we have a lot of big changes planned for our website. We’re switching to a new platform that will make shopping easier and more convenient for our customers. In the meantime, check out the gallery of Trade Show pics below! 

Trade Show Photos

We always have a great time connecting with Wicked Edge fans and showing off our newest improvements. Many thanks to everyone who came by one of our booths for a demo, purchase, or just to say hi. We look forward to seeing you again next year!  

IWA 3 1024x577 April 2017 Newsletter

IWA 2 1024x577 April 2017 Newsletter

IWA 1 1024x577 April 2017 Newsletter

Scissor Attachment now Available

scissor 1024x581 April 2017 Newsletter

At long last the Wicked Edge Scissor Attachment is ready for purchase! We’ve been working on this gadget for a long time and are very proud to finally have it on the market. Check out the details on this great new product here. 

January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year from Wicked Edge! We hope you had a great holiday and start to 2017. As always, we’re hitting the ground running and gearing up for Trade Show Season. We look forward to seeing you at any one of the upcoming events! We also have a few exciting new sharpeners and a new Pro Pack on the way! Read on below for all the details on shows, booth numbers, and new stuff coming over the next few weeks. 

Trade Shows

First things first, we have SHOT Show coming up on January 17-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ll be doing free sharpenings and demos on our most popular systems. We’ll also be signing up dealers and showing off some new products that will be released over the coming months. Come see us at booth #1817!

SHOT2017 January 2017 Newsletter

Next up is the Washington Sportsman Show in Puyallup, Washington, January 25-29. Unlike SHOT Show, which is mainly Business-To-Business, the Sportman Show is all about meeting and talking to our customers. If you’re in the area and you’ve ever wanted to come see us in action or ask questions directly, this is the time to do it. Drop by booth #611 for a visit!

WashShow2017 January 2017 Newsletter

In February we have another Business-to-Customer show, the Pacific Northwest Outdoor Sportsman’s Show in Portland, Oregon, February 8-12. If you’re in the area come to booth #1055 and say hello!

Portshow2017 January 2017 Newsletter

New US Made Products Coming Soon!

We have a lot of different options when it comes to hardware, and we’ve been selling them in several configurations for years now. Recently, we decided, due to customer feedback, to offer some new kits so everyone can get the sharpener they need. Starting January 17th, we will be offering the Wicked Edge Precision Sharper WE120 and WE130 on our website. Also, we are very excited to annouce that as of this year ALL our sharpeners will be made in the USA! 

The WE120 consists of our 100/200/400/600 Grit Diamond Stones, 13-35 degree angle range, ball-joint guide rod assemblies, and micro angle adjustment in 0.05 degree increments. The price for this sharpening kit is $375.00.

WE120 2017 1024x576 January 2017 Newsletter

The WE130 will have our 100/200/400/600 Grit Diamond Stones, 13-35 degree angle range, ball-joint guide rod assemblies, micro angle adjustment in 0.05 degree increments, and Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise. This kit will retail for $525.00

WE130 2017 1024x576 January 2017 Newsletter
Also, starting around February 7th, we will be releasing the PRO PACK III, our most complete kit yet! The Pro Pack III will cost $1199.00 and comes with the WE130 Sharpener, bundled with the 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones, 1500 Grit Diamond Stones and Blank Glass Platens Pack, 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 4/2 Micron Diamond Emulsion and Leather Strops, Digital Angle Gauge, Low Angle Adapter, Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4″ Blades, Scissor Attachment, Advanced Alignment Guide, Hard Carrying Case with Wheels, and Granite Base. 

WE130PR3 1024x576 January 2017 Newsletter
And, yes! You read that ‘Scissor Attachment’ correctly. At long last we are ready to release the Wicked Edge Scissor Attachment. Like the Pro Pack III, this new adapter will be available starting early February. 

We’re very excited to reshore our sharpener production to the US and we can’t wait to get these new items on the market. After January 17th, the WE120 and WE130 will be able to ship right away. The Pro Pack III will ship in early February. In order to adjust for these new sharpeners and fully move our production to the US, we will be back-ordering our classic Precision Sharpener and Pro Pack I from January 17 to approximately February 7. As always, if you have any questions about any of our products, give us a call at 1-877-616-9911 (Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm MT) or email us at info@wickededgeusa.com. 


New Products Available NOW!

If you’ve been on the Wicked Edge mailing list for long, you probably know we release all our news on a once-monthly basis. This month, however, we have a lot of exciting happenings to talk about, so we decided to send out a second November letter, dedicated entirely to new WE products awaiting release just in time for the holidays.

1500 Grit Diamond Stones and Glass Platens Pack

WE1500GL 1 300x169 New Products Available NOW!
Diamond is a fantastic sharpening medium. It’s fast, durable, and gets better the more you use it. For a long time, our finest diamond stones have been 3 Micron diamond stones by DMT, paired with glass platens. We’re always on the lookout for anything new, and so we’ve chosen to retire the 3 Micron stones in favor of something more affordable and effective.The 1500 Grit Diamond Stones have given us fantastic results, both as a sharpener and as a polisher. It’s great at removing scratches and bridges the gap between diamond and ceramic or lapping film.

Aluminum Oxide Lapping Film

WE 9 Micron 1 300x169 New Products Available NOW!

We’ve been testing and working with our Diamond Lapping Films for some time now and have nothing but praise for how fast and effectively they remove scratches and produce a fantastic shine. One thing we have been wanting to improve is the price point. While in our experience the Diamond Lapping Film is certainly worth the $30.00 price tag, we wanted to provide something similar but less expensive for those customers that want to try lapping film without making a big commitment. After a brief search and some extensive testing, we’ve decided Aluminum Oxide is the way to go.

While not quite as fast or long-lasting as the diamond films (each diamond strips is good for about 10 knives while the Aluminum Oxide strips last for about 4-5 knives) these new lapping films produce sharp, polished edges every time. We will be offering these new films in 9, 5, and 3 micron sheets, each coming in sheets of 10 peel-and-stick strips. Just stick them on a glass platen and go to town! We especially recommend them with the new 1500 grit diamond stones or, if you’re creating convex edges, a blank, clean leather strop. Each sheet will retail for $7.50 and can be found here.

Rolling Hard Case

WEHC3 2 300x169 New Products Available NOW!
This is the largest and most travel-friendly case we offer. It has a retractile handle and wheels, as well as regular handles on 3 sides. It’s pressure sealed and water tight, and made from high density resin. The custom foam insert has slots for the following products:
  • Sharpener with Granite or Paperstone base attached
  • Generation 3 Vise Lever
  • Guide Rods up to 10″
  • Low Angle Adapter
  • Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4″ or 1/6″ Blades
  • Scissor Attachment (Coming soon!)
  • Digital Angle Cube
  • Superaser
  • Up to 4 sets of Diamond Paste or Emulsion in syringes or 7ml bottles
  • Up to 10 sets of diamond stones / ceramic stones / leather strops / balsa strops / blank handles
  • Variable Stone Thickness Adapter
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
This case is designed to work with the Precision Sharpener, Pro-Pack I, Pro-Pack II, and will work for anyone who has upgraded their sharpener with the Generation 3 Vise Upgrade.

Holiday Accessory Packs

WE Polishing Pack 1.1 1 300x169 New Products Available NOW!
Just for this holidays we’re rolling out some of these new products as well as several familiar items in discounted packages, making them perfect for gifting or picking up some WE extras in one swoop. The packages are made to serve specific sharpening needs as well as provide some of our most popular accessories for all-around use.Ceramic Knives Pack

  • 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones
  • 1500 Grit Diamond Stones and Blank Glass Platens Pack
  • Blank Handles and Glass Platens Pack
  • 9 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
Chef’s Pack
  • 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
  • Safety Shields
  • Angle Cube
Wood Carving Pack
  • Wicked Edge Chisel Attachment
  • 1500 Grit Diamond Stones and Blank Glass Platens Pack
  • 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stone Pack
  • 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • Rusty’s Rags Knife Care Kit
Field Dressing Pack

  • 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones
  • 5/3.5 Micron Leather Strops
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
  • Angle Cube
  • Rusty’s Rags Knife Care Kit
Polishing Pack

  • 1500 Grit Diamond Stones and Blank Glass Platens Pack
  • 9 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • 4/2 Micron Diamond Emulsion and Leather Strops Pack (black/red handles with Jende emulsions)
  • Blank Handles and Glass Platens Pack

Diamond Emulsion Stops Packs

WE0402PDE.red .blk  2 300x169 New Products Available NOW!
Stropping is the final step in the sharpening process, and so some new strops packs are our final new product for November. We’re pairing the diamond emulsions we released earlier this month with our leather strops to create two new packages. The diamond emulsions are highly concentrated, which makes for a fast-cutting, super effective polishing compound for mirror edges. Also, because the emulsions are thicker and more concentrated, they require less reapplication than the sprays. We will be offering a 4m/2m package and a 1m/0.5m pack. Both come with a set of Blank Leather Strops and retail for $55.00.

All these exciting new additions to the WE line will be available staring November 23. As always, if you have any questions regarding new or old products, just give us a call at 1-877-616-9911 or email us at info@wickededgeusa.com. We are available to take calls 9am-5pm MT, Monday through Friday.

November 2016 Newsletter


Fall Newsletter Banner November 2016 Newsletter
The end of the year is almost upon us and we couldn’t be happier. The Holiday season holds a lot of excitement for Santa Fe and for Wicked Edge. In addition to keeping up with our holiday rush, we’re putting together some new packages, revamping our website, prepping new products for release, and just enjoying the last of Fall. Most of our good news will have to wait for December’s newsletter, but for now we have a sale, new product releases, and holiday shipping deadlines to announce.

Pro Pack II Sale!

Pro Pack II 2 1 1024x576 November 2016 Newsletter
Pro Pack IIs are on sale! If you’ve been looking to upgrade or you want to get your hands on a great gift now is the time to snap up a Pro Pack II! This package is selling for 10% off until November 30th so take advantage of the reduced price while you can. The system by itself is $674.10 or $809.10 with the Nanuk case. This deal is available online or over the phone so you can grab one through our website or give us a call anytime.

New Items Now Available

WEPDE4 1024x640 November 2016 Newslettersafety shields November 2016 Newsletter

The Polycrystalline Diamond Emulsions from Jende and our new Safety Shields were announced some time ago and we are pleased to say they are finally available for purchase!

The new Diamond Emulsions come in three sizes (7ml, 25ml, 50ml) and four grits (4 micron, 2 micron, 1 micron, and 0.5 micron). The emulsions are thicker and more concentrated than our Diamond Sprays, so you don’t need to apply as much to your strops. Polycrystalline diamonds also have a more ‘jagged’ edge than monocrystalline diamonds, which helps them cut faster when stropping. These emulsions are great for anyone looking to polish their knives to the highest level and get that coveted hair-splitting sharpness.

When working with knives, there’s always going to be a bit of risk involved. While at the National Restaurant Association Show in 2015, we received a lot of questions and remarks regarding safety, especially when sharpening quickly in a fast-paced environment. No one likes to get cut, after all. So, we created our new Safety Shields and are happy to announce they are ready to sell and ship. The shields fit on any of our stones or strops and offer complete protection while not hindering your sharpening. We especially recommend this product to professional sharpeners and commercial kitchen workers, as it’s all too easy to get lost in sharpening and slip up, leading to nasty cut. If avoiding injury is a top concern for you or for your business, definitely give these Safety Shields a try.


Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Just in case you missed last month’s newsletter, here are the holiday shipping deadlines for UPS and USPS. Please remember that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year so we will not be shipping anything on Christmas Eve as we are closed on Saturdays. While USPS does operate on Saturday, they shut down early on Christmas Eve. UPS does not ship at all over the weekends unless an extra fee is paid for Saturday Delivery. If you need any special arrangements made for your holiday orders please feel free to ask.

UPS Deadlines

UPS Ground: Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 17. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 19.

UPS 3 Day Select:  Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 18. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 19.

UPS 2nd Day Air:  Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 21. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 21.

UPS Next Day Air:  Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 22. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 22.


USPS Deadlines

USPS Priority Mail: Priority mail can take up to 3 business days to deliver depending on the destination, so for delivery by November 23 be sure to order by 5pm MT on Nov. 18. For delivery by December 23, order by 5pm MT December 19.

For international shipments, please refer to the chart on this page. For APO addresses, check this page.

October 2016 Newsletter

12051 illustration of a jack o lantern and a black cat pv 300x225 October 2016 Newsletter
In Santa Fe, we take Halloween pretty seriously. For the City Different, the whole month of October is an extended holiday. We like it so much it actually carries on into early November with Dia De Los Muertos, also called Day of the Dead. We here at Wicked Edge are no exception. This month’s letter has some fun seasonal stuff, some research, and some news on Holiday shipping. Read on and have a Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin Carving!


Every October our office takes a little time out for a Pumpkin Carving Party. We do this not just for the fun of it, but because we can gather a little intel on knife sharpening and how you can personalize your knives for different unique tasks. Over the years, we’ve found that coarser, toothier edges tend to perform better than more refined edges when it comes to cutting through thick pumpkin shells. As all scientific tests must be repeated, we’ve done something similar this year. Each member of our crew sharpened a knife to their choice of angle and grit, ranging from 50 grit all the way to 6 micron. All in all, there wasn’t great deal of difference from one knife to another and, because we were only using the knives we ourselves had sharpened, the results were pretty subjective. One point that did come up was the flat-sided knives we were using tended to get stuck. This was probably due to the wet, pulpy flesh of pumpkin actually creating a suctioning effect. Serrations, a blood groove, or even the depressions on a Santoku knife would definitely mitigate this effect.

1060060 1024x576 October 2016 Newsletter

1060064 1024x576 October 2016 Newsletter



Holiday Shipping Deadlines

We’re coming up fast on the Holiday Shopping season! We’ll continue to keep all our customers abreast of the latest news to come from USPS and UPS regarding Thanksgiving and Christmas shipping. This year’s Holiday Deadlines are listed below. We’ll be posting these days in our November and December newsletters as well just in case there are any changes. Please keep in mind that Christmas is on a Sunday this year so services such as UPS will not be making deliveries on the 24th. As always, if you have any shipping questions or special instructions, just let us know.


UPS Deadlines

UPS Ground: Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 17. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 19.

UPS 3 Day Select:  Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 18. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 19.

UPS 2nd Day Air:  Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 21. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 21.

UPS Next Day Air:  Last day for delivery by November 23 is NOVEMBER 22. Last day for delivery by December 23 is DECEMBER 22.


USPS Deadlines

USPS Priority Mail: Priority mail can take up to 3 business days to deliver depending on the destination, so for delivery by November 23 be sure to order by 5pm MT on Nov. 18. For delivery by December 23, order by 5pm MT December 19.

For international shipments, please refer to the chart on this page. For APO addresses, check this page.

September 2016 Newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter

TREEZ 276x300 September 2016 Newsletter
It’s finally Fall here in Santa Fe! Things are starting to pick up here at our office as hunting season gets underway and folks start preparing for holiday cooking. If you’re looking to get the most out of your knives, we have you covered with some new research and stropping supplies.  


Diamond Elmusions by Jende

In addition to our Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride Sprays, we will now be offering Polycrystalline Diamond Emulsions by Jende. These emulsions are more viscous and saturated with a higher concentration of diamonds than our sprays, which means you can use less per strop. Polycrystalline diamonds are more ‘jagged’ than natural diamonds, which makes them ideal for super-fast touch-ups and mirror polishes. We will be offering 0.5 µ, 1 µ, 2 µ, and 4 µ emulsions in 5 mg, 10mg, and 25mg bottles. They’ll go up on our website within the next two weeks, so be sure to check back!


Sharpening for a Cutting Competition

Comp Knife 300x225 September 2016 Newsletter
Recently we had a customer bring in a 10” Dan Petersen knife for sharpening. We receive a lot of kitchen, pocket and hunting knives but this custom chopper was a special case: this particular knife would be used in a cutting competition. Seeing a chance for some research as well as being able to do a favor for a customer, we took on the challenge. We devised a series of tests to determine the best finish for a knife that would need to cut through plastic, wood, and rope while retaining its edge through intensive work. For the complete report, check out Clay’s post on our forum.  


All Accessories in stock!

If you’re looking to do some early Holiday shopping, now is the time! All our accessories are currently in stock and our Generation 3 has a wait time of 4-5 weeks. Though we plan to remain fully stocked up through the end of the year, December is a big selling time for our upgrades and accessory stones, so get them while you can!

August 2016 Newsletter


rain cloud clipart 300x300 August 2016 Newsletter

Summer’s winding down and we’re nearly getting washed away with late summer monsoons. August and September are always one of the best times of year to visit Santa Fe, but if you plan on coming to see the leaves change or the burning of Zozobra, bring an umbrella.

As for Wicked Edge, we have a few new products coming up in the next couple of months as well as some new pages on our website. If you like upgrades and options for your sharpener, these new items are for you!

Advanced Alignment Guides

Though most of the time finding and recording your knife placement is pretty simple, occassionally you do get a drop point knife or similar that needs to be tilted up or down in the vise. So how do you accurately record that? If you’re looking for perfect precision, we have a solution.

 WEAAG Advanced Alignment Guide 300x169 August 2016 Newsletter

The Advanced Alignment Guide is designed to record not only the horizontal position of your knife, but the vertical position as well. Made of sturdy, transparent plastic, the Advanced Alignment Guide features a clearly labeled grid so you can record the exact coordinates of the tip of your knife. It is fully compatible with all our sharpeners. The gridded area of the Guide is about 4 x 3 5/8″ so it’s excellent for smaller blades. This new product is IN STOCK and can ship in 1-2 business says. For more info, check out the product page.

Extended Guide Rods

10 Inch Guide Rods 300x169 August 2016 Newsletter

We are now offering 10″ and 12″ guide rods on our website! Though we have been stocking small numbers of them for some time now, we never had them available online due to low stock. Now, with the Gen 3 gaining more popularity every week and more Wicked Edge users wanting to customize their sharpener, we’ve decided to add the extended guide rods to our online product list. If you have a Low Angle Adapter or sharpen a lot of larger knives like cleavers or swords, these longer guide rods can really come in handy. They are compatible with the Pro Pack II, both Field and Sports, the Generation 3, and any precision sharpener with the Pro Pack II Upgrade Kit or either of the Gen 3 Upgrade Kits installed. Just unscrew the 8″ arms from the ball-joints and attach the longer rods in their place, so switching rods as needed is super easy. Check out the 10″ rods here and the 12″ rods here!

July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter


Fireworks 2 300x176 July 2016 Newsletter
 In years past Summer has typically been a slow season for Wicked Edge, but this past month has been singularly busy. We’re working hard on sending out long-awaited Generation 3s, Pro Pack IIs, and Field and Sports. Fall and the holiday season seem a long way away but we’re already looking forward to the cooler weather and some new products to add to our ever expanding catalog.

Cut Proof Gloves now Available


ironwear cut level 4 gloves July 2016 Newsletter
 Safety has always been a big concern of ours, and though the Wicked Edge is safe when used properly, accidents still happen. Our customers in the food service industry in particular have expressed concerns about using the Wicked Edge in a fast paced environment like a commercial kitchen. We’ve been looking into different methods of making the WE safer for everyone and one solution we’ve found are Ironwear’s fantastic Cut Resistant gloves. Made of a special composite yarn, these gloves are extremely tough and durable, but also flexible and easy to get on and off. The knitted fabric doesn’t sacrifice comfort and breathability for protection, having a cut resistance over 3500 grams of pressure.  We’ll be adding this product to the website within a week or so, so keep an eye out for more info.

Diamond Lapping Films and the Elusive Mirror Polish 

 By Kyle Kaplan

Shiny osborne July 2016 Newsletter

I’ve sharpened hundreds, maybe thousands of knives and I always get the same question: “What’s the best way to get a mirror finish?” The answer used to be ‘6 grits of diamond stones, 4 grits of ceramic stones, at least 2 grits of waterstones, and 4 different leather strops with progressively smaller diamond compound.’ It was exhausting just to think about. When I started playing with the Diamond Lapping Film last year, when we first started carrying it, I wasn’t that excited about it. I later found out I was using it completely wrong. I was trying to use it after ALL of my other progressions, and with the edge already refined, I didn’t think it was doing much. Then, a few months ago, Clay suggested I try out the film right after the 1000 grit diamond stone. I was shocked how quickly my edges became mirrors. With just a few strokes with the 6 micron film it seemed like the vast majority of the scratches on the edge were gone. The edge was a little “milky” looking, but with about 10 passes with the 3 micron film and the same with the 1.5 micron films, I had a mirror finish with a fantastic shine.

July Sale Ends Soon! 

If you’ve been wanting to get a Pro Pack I, 1/.5 Diamond and Leather Strop Pack, Hard Case, or Variable Stone Thickness Adapter but weren’t sure about the price, hurry and get yours by July 30th! All the above items are 10% off, but only for a couple more days. Shipping will still be free year round for domestic orders over $40.00, but the discount will no longer be available. Call or purchase online before it’s too late!


Official Wicked Edge Instagram

Have an Instagram account? We do! You can check us out at @officialwickededge. Take some pics of your own best sharpening jobs and tag them with #wickededge. We love to see our users’ awesome results and feature them on our Facebook page!

June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

                                       june bug June 2016 Newsletter

It’s been a very busy year for Wicked Edge so far, and as we enter the lazier summer months we are still going strong with new products and a couple of upcoming sales. 

Father’s Day Sale!

In celebration of Father’s Day we are holding a sale on select items: 

These items are all 10% off. Take advantage of these prices soon as the sale will end on June 30. If you miss this sale, we will be holding another for Labor Day, so be sure to check back for more deals. 

New Products

We’ve been doing a lot of work on Product Development over the last few months and have a number of new accessories to offer. 

WE 9 Micron 1 June 2016 Newsletter

First, we are now carrying 9 micron Diamond Film. We’ve done quite a bit of research on the diamond lapping films recently and found that they are fantastic polishers in addition to being an in-between step when moving from stones to strops. Each strip lasts about 10 uses so every sheet of Diamond Lapping film is good for 100 knives. 

WE300JAW116.2 350x200 June 2016 Newsletter

We have also released the Gen 3 1/4” and 1/16” Vise Jaw Adapters. A lot of people asked us to expand the capacity of the Gen 3 to handle knives thicker than the original 3/16” maximum jaw opening, so we’ve created an adapter to accommodate knives up to ¼” thick and another to clamp much thinner knives more securely. These adapters are easy to swap with the standard Gen 3 vise and are compatible with both the Gen 3 Pro and the Gen 3 Vise Jaw upgrade kits. 

WE300 with Case 350x200 June 2016 Newsletter

We have also made some changes to the Gen 3 itself. We will now be selling the Gen 3 for $849.00 with a standard hard carrying case. These cases will add additional protection to the Gen 3 during transport and when the sharpener is not in use as well as providing storage for your extra stones and strops. The Gen 3 Hard Case with custom foam insert and room for extra accessories will still be available for $185.00 or for $150.00 when purchased with the Gen 3. 

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