Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners was born out of a desire to find an alternative to ineffective traditional knife sharpening techniques. The answer came in a precision engineered, controlled-angle sharpener anyone could use.

The Concept

about us About Us: Wicked Edge Precision SharpenersPoorly formed edges, like those created on electric sharpeners, will quickly dull. Controlled-angle sharpeners work decently, but clamps often fail; the vises don’t have enough clamping power to be truly effective and the whole process comes to a halt while the knife is replaced and the vise is reset. You may also find the need to recreate the edge from scratch (which requires a considerable amount of time) when only a touch up is needed.

The combination of mechanical problems and poor performance finally led our founder Clay Allison to take a closer look at sharpening to create something that would address these issues.

The Knife Sharpener

With the Wicked Edge, the problems inherent with traditional sharpening methods are solved. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners’ ground-breaking patented knife sharpening technology will revolutionize the relationship that knife owners, from outfitters to chefs, have with their knives.

Any knife with a straight blade is held securely at the perfect angle for the type of knife and steel. The user controls the diamond grit grinding stones with innovative movement technology for a cutting edge that is perfectly shaped and finished.

Wicked Edge sharpeners are a simple but effective method that puts professional sharpening ability into everyone’s hands. We designed our products to help you quickly and easily get the edge you want.

Awards and Customers

Wicked Edge sharpeners have won numerous awards including the ‘Accessory of the Year’ for two years in a row at BLADE Show (2009 and 2010). Wicked Edge also won the Kitchen Innovations® 2014 Award for the Professional Series Knife Sharpener.

Wicked Edge sharpeners are used by culinary professionals throughout the United States and on the campuses of The Culinary Institute of America. Wicked Edge knife sharpeners are also used by professional reed musicians around the country, including musicians from the Houston Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony and the National Symphony Orchestra.

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