Wicked Edge chosen as a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® 2014 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®

KI Logo 2014Award 4C Wicked Edge chosen as a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations<sup>®</sup> 2014 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel Motel Show<sup>®</sup>


This is very exciting news for us here at Wicked Edge. A lot of people have worked long and hard to bring this idea into reality. Many thanks to all involoved in making it happen. Please visit the awards page on the National Restaurant Association’s webpage here: KI Awards. The product chosen for the award is our new Professional Series Sharpener: 

CHHUT Wicked Edge chosen as a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations<sup>®</sup> 2014 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel Motel Show<sup>®</sup>

Wicked Edge Christmas Schedule

The Wicked Edge Office will be closed December 24-27. All orders made during this time will be shipping the week of December 30th. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

New York Custom Knife Show

We’re heading back to Newpor, NYt for the annual NYCKS.  Show dates are Nov. 22-24. Please come by the table if you’re in the area for a demo or just to say hi.

Show details: http://fiftyfiftyproductions.net/nycks-info.php

Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair 2012 Accessory of the Year

Pro Pack II 2 320x240 Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair 2012 Accessory of the Year

We’re very proud to announce that our entry in this year’s Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair was voted Accessory of the Year! We entered the prototype of our new Pro-Pack II sharpener. It’s built on the same platform as the Gen II sharpener, so anyone wishing to upgrade an existing system will be able to. Some of the exciting new features are:

  • New Ball Joints
  • Micro Angle Adjustments of +/- .05 Degrees
  • Vise Jaw Riser allowing for angles as low as 13 degrees (and lower depending on the width of the knife)
  • Inclinometer by iGaging
  • The new Micro Fine 1.4 Micron and .6 Micron Ceramic Stones Pack
  • 1/.5 Micron Diamond and Leather Strops Pack

We should have these ready to roll out sometime in the next 4 weeks.


Sharpeners Are In Stock and Shipping

Great news! The diamond stones arrived (albeit a week late after a freight company mix up in Los Angeles) and the Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener – Basic Kits and Pro Pack I’s are in stock and shipping. 

As we come out of a large back order due to high demand please expect 1-2 weeks to receive your tracking number.

If you need further assistance please email us at info@wickededgeusa.com or call toll free Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, MDT at 877-616-9911.

Diamond Stones Are Almost Here

We  received confirmation today that the diamond stones needed to complete Sharpener Basic Kits and Pro Pack I’s are loaded and trucking from Los Angeles to Santa Fe. They should arrive right after Memorial Day, May 28th. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend and look forward to shipping orders as soon as possible.

Our Phone Lines Are Back!

A lightning storm took out our phone lines over the weekend and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Everything is back on line and working smoothly. Please give us a call Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM, Mountain Daylight Time. You can also email us at info@wickededgeusa.com. Thanks – Wicked Edge

July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter


Fireworks 2 300x176 July 2016 Newsletter
 In years past Summer has typically been a slow season for Wicked Edge, but this past month has been singularly busy. We’re working hard on sending out long-awaited Generation 3s, Pro Pack IIs, and Field and Sports. Fall and the holiday season seem a long way away but we’re already looking forward to the cooler weather and some new products to add to our ever expanding catalog.

Cut Proof Gloves now Available


ironwear cut level 4 gloves July 2016 Newsletter
 Safety has always been a big concern of ours, and though the Wicked Edge is safe when used properly, accidents still happen. Our customers in the food service industry in particular have expressed concerns about using the Wicked Edge in a fast paced environment like a commercial kitchen. We’ve been looking into different methods of making the WE safer for everyone and one solution we’ve found are Ironwear’s fantastic Cut Resistant gloves. Made of a special composite yarn, these gloves are extremely tough and durable, but also flexible and easy to get on and off. The knitted fabric doesn’t sacrifice comfort and breathability for protection, having a cut resistance over 3500 grams of pressure.  We’ll be adding this product to the website within a week or so, so keep an eye out for more info.

Diamond Lapping Films and the Elusive Mirror Polish 

 By Kyle Kaplan

Shiny osborne July 2016 Newsletter

I’ve sharpened hundreds, maybe thousands of knives and I always get the same question: “What’s the best way to get a mirror finish?” The answer used to be ‘6 grits of diamond stones, 4 grits of ceramic stones, at least 2 grits of waterstones, and 4 different leather strops with progressively smaller diamond compound.’ It was exhausting just to think about. When I started playing with the Diamond Lapping Film last year, when we first started carrying it, I wasn’t that excited about it. I later found out I was using it completely wrong. I was trying to use it after ALL of my other progressions, and with the edge already refined, I didn’t think it was doing much. Then, a few months ago, Clay suggested I try out the film right after the 1000 grit diamond stone. I was shocked how quickly my edges became mirrors. With just a few strokes with the 6 micron film it seemed like the vast majority of the scratches on the edge were gone. The edge was a little “milky” looking, but with about 10 passes with the 3 micron film and the same with the 1.5 micron films, I had a mirror finish with a fantastic shine.

July Sale Ends Soon! 

If you’ve been wanting to get a Pro Pack I, 1/.5 Diamond and Leather Strop Pack, Hard Case, or Variable Stone Thickness Adapter but weren’t sure about the price, hurry and get yours by July 30th! All the above items are 10% off, but only for a couple more days. Shipping will still be free year round for domestic orders over $40.00, but the discount will no longer be available. Call or purchase online before it’s too late!


Official Wicked Edge Instagram

Have an Instagram account? We do! You can check us out at @officialwickededge. Take some pics of your own best sharpening jobs and tag them with #wickededge. We love to see our users’ awesome results and feature them on our Facebook page!

June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

                                       june bug June 2016 Newsletter

It’s been a very busy year for Wicked Edge so far, and as we enter the lazier summer months we are still going strong with new products and a couple of upcoming sales. 

Father’s Day Sale!

In celebration of Father’s Day we are holding a sale on select items: 

These items are all 10% off. Take advantage of these prices soon as the sale will end on June 30. If you miss this sale, we will be holding another for Labor Day, so be sure to check back for more deals. 

New Products

We’ve been doing a lot of work on Product Development over the last few months and have a number of new accessories to offer. 

WE 9 Micron 1 June 2016 Newsletter

First, we are now carrying 9 micron Diamond Film. We’ve done quite a bit of research on the diamond lapping films recently and found that they are fantastic polishers in addition to being an in-between step when moving from stones to strops. Each strip lasts about 10 uses so every sheet of Diamond Lapping film is good for 100 knives. 

WE300JAW116.2 350x200 June 2016 Newsletter

We have also released the Gen 3 1/4” and 1/16” Vise Jaw Adapters. A lot of people asked us to expand the capacity of the Gen 3 to handle knives thicker than the original 3/16” maximum jaw opening, so we’ve created an adapter to accommodate knives up to ¼” thick and another to clamp much thinner knives more securely. These adapters are easy to swap with the standard Gen 3 vise and are compatible with both the Gen 3 Pro and the Gen 3 Vise Jaw upgrade kits. 

WE300 with Case 350x200 June 2016 Newsletter

We have also made some changes to the Gen 3 itself. We will now be selling the Gen 3 for $849.00 with a standard hard carrying case. These cases will add additional protection to the Gen 3 during transport and when the sharpener is not in use as well as providing storage for your extra stones and strops. The Gen 3 Hard Case with custom foam insert and room for extra accessories will still be available for $185.00 or for $150.00 when purchased with the Gen 3. 

November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 

Turkey clip art November 2015 Newsletter


Somehow, November is almost over! That was fast. We had our first snow in town on the 6th and the mountains have been white for a few weeks now. Santa Fe is famous for its skiing and beautiful snowy landscapes, so this time of year is always highly anticipated by locals and visitors alike. As Thanksgiving gets closer, Santa Fe gears up for what has been predicted to be a very intense winter.

Wicked Edge is also getting ready for the holidays. Things always get crazy for us right after Thanksgiving and we always look forward to it. Though we are still dealing with a wait time on the Gen 3 and the Gen 3 Upgrade Kits, we should have some in in time for Christmas and we will have plenty of our newest products.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

If you’re planning on giving Wicked Edge gifts this year, take the time to take a look at UPS and USPS’s Holiday shipping schedules. UPS’s full Holiday Schedule can be found here. USPS had listed their shipping dates for delivery by December 24th as:

USPS Priority Mail (Domestic): December 21st

USPS Priority Mail International: December 1st

USPS Priority Mail International Express: December 8th

USPS Priority Mail Military: December 8th

If you have any special requests for shipping, such as holding a package, changing shipping addresses or methods, or using FedEx, just give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d be happy to help out with all your holiday shipping needs.

Generation 3 Cases

WE Gen3 Complete Case 1.1798 300x169 November 2015 Newsletter

After numerous requests from our customers, we have a Gen 3 Hard Case available! Like the original Hard Case, the Gen 3 Case is made by Nanuk and comes with a custom-cut foam interior with enough room for the whole sharpener and stones, plus room for 3 other sets of stones or strops, and extra slots for the Angle Cube, stropping paste, or whatever other small tools you might need. The Case is $185.00, or $150.00 if bought with the Gen 3.

Gen 3 Cases will start shipping approximately December the 11th. For more info, check out the Gen 3 Case’s product page.

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