Wicked Edge News

Denver Custom Knife Show

We'll be heading to Denver for the Custom Knife Show on August 19th through the 21st. Here is the show link: Knife Show We'll be set up all weekend sharpening knives. If you're in the area, please come by for a demo. It's a great show full of great people.

Knife Sharpening Videos on YouTube

With the new Wicked Edge website, we've got a great video section, broken into categories. We'll be adding videos of knife sharpening as fast as we can make them. If you've got a recommendation for a video or a knife you'd like to send us to sharpen and film, please drop us a line. You can also see videos of the knife sharpener on our YouTube channel here: YouTube Knife Sharpening Videos. 

Wicked Edge Forum - All about sharpening knives

We have just gotten our forum going, now available under the Resources menu. It's a place to gather and talk about sharpening knives, exchange tips and ideas and get to know one another. Please come on over and join the community.

Pro-Kit I

We're really excited by the new Pro-Kit. I put this knife sharpening kit together based on my own sharpening experience and the selection of the tools I use for 95% of the knives that I sharpen. With the Wicked Edge Basic Kit you can take a knife from very dull to having a great working edge. Add in the Extra Fine 800 Grit / Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones Pack and you'll quickly get to razor sharp. Finish off with the 5/3.5 Micron Diamond and Leather Strop Pack and you'll have a scalpel sharp knife with a highly refined and highly polished edge. The strops are excellent for regular knife edge maintenance. If you touch up your knife frequently, odds are that you can do it with just the strops and your edge will continue to get better with every touch-up. If you work the knife hard or don't touch up as often, then you can quickly restory the edge with 800/1000 grit combo and then finish off again with the strops. The Wicked Edge Base is a great platform for mounting the knife sharpener - it's the perfect combination of stability and portability. I often sit with the sharpener in my lap when I'm working on my own knives and I love that I can pick up the whole thing with one hand if I need to get up for some reason.

The new Pro-Kit I is available under the Products list and we're offering a great discount through the 10th of August to kick it off.

Blade Show 2011

This was our third year at Blade Show and our best so far. We stayed super busy sharpening knives for knife makers and users alike. We were so busy that it was difficult to even get out and see many of the beautiful knives on display. As always, the people and the community made the show for us. The knife maker and collector community is full of some of the kindest, most down-to-earth people you could ever hope to meet. The shared passion for all things knife brings everyone together in a spirit of exploration and sharing. We are very proud to offer a knife sharpener worthy of such fine cutlery and we love the response from people when we hand them back their knife after putting a Wicked EdgeTM on it.