NEW! Lapping Films, Glass Blanks, and 3 Micron Stones

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Today we are proud to announce three new additions to our line of products: 6 different Diamond Lapping Films, the Blank Handles and Glass Platens Pack, and the 3 Micron Diamond Stone / Blank Glass Platens Pack (pictured above). For those of you looking to get that perfect mirror polish, any of these products are a great addition to your collection.

The Diamond Lapping Films come in micron sizes 6, 3, 1.5, 1, .5, and .1. They come pre-cut in sheets of ten strips and can be applied to our Glass Blanks. When a strip of film wears out, simply remove it and apply and new one from the sheet.  You can make a custom combination of films by applying one or more films to our Blank Handles and Glass Platens Pack. The glass provides a perfectly smooth surface for the film to work on, allowing you to get a perfect polish.

You can also pair any of our Films with our new 3 Micron Diamond Stones with the 3 Micron Diamond Stone / Blank Glass Platens Pack. These fine diamond stones are made by a proprietary method and are engineered to quickly and easily remove large scratches left behind by our coarser stones, leaving you with a new level of refinement.

Check out our Diamond Lapping Films in Stropping Compounds and the new Glass Blanks and 3m Stones in Accessory Stones