May 2014 Newsletter



Happy Spring from Wicked Edge! It’s been a while since our last newsletter, so we have a lot of announcements, new products, and features.

First and foremost, we are delighted to announce that Wicked Edge has been awarded the coveted Kitchen Innovations Award by the National Restaurant Association for our newest model, the Wicked Edge Professional. The KI Award is given for exceptional products that focus specifically on the back-of-house challenges a food service establishment can face. In the case of the Wicked Edge Professional, this fantastic new sharpener helps to solve the issue of keeping knives sharp in an industrial setting without having to resort to costly knife sharpening services or constantly replacing knives.

With this prestigious award in hand, we will be attending the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, May 17-20. We are very excited as this will be our first NRA show and our first major foray into the food service industry. The NRA show has over 2000 exhibitors representing over 900 product categories; everything from food to furniture to equipment will be there. We will be presenting the Professional Series Sharpener in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion as well as a separate booth just for Wicked Edge.

Alongside the Wicked Edge Professional we are excited to introduce our newest accessory, the Variable Stone Thickness Adapter. For more information on both these additions to the Wicked Edge line, keep reading below.


Featured Product: Wicked Edge Professional Series


Our most advanced sharpener yet, the Wicked Edge Professional Series was designed specifically for industrial kitchens and any other business that requires knives in top condition. The Professional Series combines sturdy, American-Made construction, ease of use, and the precision customers have come to expect from Wicked Edge to make a machine perfect for fast, high volume sharpening. Featuring floating jaws that conform to any knife and one-step angle setting, the Professional Series is great for beginning sharpeners and experts alike. Knives automatically self-center when clamped in the jaws, and symmetrical angles can be set at the same time while still allowing for microadjustments on either arm. The arms themselves feature our popular ball-joints, providing a smooth and precise sharpening action. The Professional Series comes with a built-in locking cabinet so you can securely store all your stones and accessories. For more information, check out the detail page for this awesome new product.

New Product: The Variable Stone Thickness Adapter


One of the main concerns our customers have is precision. When switching between stones of different thicknesses, there can be a slight change in the sharpening angle. For the majority of our stones, the change is negligible. However, if you are a fan of our Naniwa Chosera Waterstones, keeping the same angle from stone to stone can be more challenging.

Luckily, staying precise just became a whole lot easier. With our new Variable Stone Thickness Adapter, you can sharpen at the exact same angle with any stone without having to fiddle around with your settings.

The Variable Stone Thickness Adapter consists of two aluminum plates that slide onto your degree bar. They can be set at any angle and locked into place, so when you change stones all you need to do is line your stones up to the flat of the plates, lock them down, and keep sharpening without having to worry if your angle has changed. For more information on this product, click here

On the Road: More Shows and Expos


In addition to the National Restaurant Association show in May, we will also be exhibiting at the 2014 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia this June 6-8. As always, we will have product available for purchase as well as show specials. This will be our 6th year at Blade and we look forward to meeting some of our old fans as well as new ones.

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