November 2013 Newsletter



Happy Post-Halloween and Dia de los Muertos from Wicked Edge! We hope you had as good a time as we all did. Fall is very busy time in the Southwest, between Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (the Mexican day of remembrance, November 1-2), and gearing up for Thanksgiving we have a lot of celebrating to do. It’s a lot of work but someone has to do it!

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We are happy to announce that we have all of our items in stock.  Our office will be closed November 28-29 for Thanksgiving, but we’ll be open for business on the following Monday. Wicked Edge will be exhibiting at the New York Custom Knife Show at The Westin - Jersey City Newport from November 22-24. Come get your knife sharpened and check out all of our newest products!

Finally, we are very happy to announce our newest dealer; Woodcraft woodcarving supply now carries many of our products including our Chisel Adapter. We’re excited to be getting into the woodcarving and carpentry world and working with more and more blade enthusiasts.


Tips and Tricks: The Chisel Adapter

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The Wicked Edge Chisel Adapter is one of our newest products and allows the Wicked Edge to sharpen any flat ground chisel between 1/8" and 2". It is extremely easy to use. Mount your chisel face down with the bevel facing outward. Rest the edge of your chisel on the stop and then tighten the chisel in the clamp. Once tightened, loosen the stop and slide it away from your chisel. The angle settings on the Wicked Edge are not calibrated for the Chisel Attachment. To find your angle mark the entire bevel with a marker. Then rub the bevel with a finer stone until the marker is worn off evenly, along the entire bevel with just a few strokes. If the marker comes off more toward the front of the bevel your angle is too narrow. If it rubs off more toward the back of the bevel your angle is too wide.  Once you have found your angle lock your guide rod in place, record your angle setting for repeatability, and start sharpening with your coarsest stone in a scrubbing motion. Sharpen with all of your stones with the same scrubbing motion until you are satisfied with the result. If you would like to use leather strops, do so in a downward motion only. To finish your chisel remove it from the clamp, place the back side of the chisel completely flat against your finest stone and rub it back and forth a few times to remove the burr. 

Featured Product: Medium/Fine Stones for Curved Blades


For the vast majority of knives, flat sharpening stones will do all the sharpening you need. Even for knives with a pronounced downward curve or slight ‘bump’ in the blade, such as a Drop-Point blade or the Benchmade 150-1 Glory Knife respectively, a flat stone will do the trick. However, when you have a knife with a Hawkbill profile or a very prominent recurve then you need to use a curved stone .

The Wicked Edge Medium/Fine Curved Stones pack is a set of two 400/600 grit ceramic stones in plastic handles with a semi-circular profile made for getting into both shallow and steep curves. The Vitrified bond ceramic is a great sharpening and polishing medium and, like our other ceramic stones, will last for hundreds of uses. For more information, check out the Medium/Fine Stones for Curved Blades page and be sure to scroll down for Clay’s video on using these great stones.

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