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TOPIC: Long Flexible Fillet Knife - Global G-19

Long Flexible Fillet Knife - Global G-19 1 year 18 hours ago #10565


Iam thinking of getting a WE or EP to sharpen my Global Knife Set for Professional Kitchen use.

Iam leaning towards getting the WE over the EP but iam worried that I might have trouble trying to sharpen my Global G-19

This is a long Flexible Fillet knife for Fish, its blade has alot of lateral movement when you put pressure on it.

I tried looking on youtube for a video of somebody sharpening a Flexible Fillet knife but I didnt see anybody using the WE for this purpose.

Iam worried that the knife will bend too much when I sharpen it with the stones. Because each time you swipe down the blade with the arms it will put pressure on the blade and make it Flex.

I know when you sharpen a flexible knife with the EP that the Blade is supported by the system and all you have to do is move the blade to a supported position as you sharpen it.

Ive read that the WE comes with a Knife Brace for Flexible knifes but I have not seen a picture of it or video of how that brace works so Iam kind of Unsure at the moment if its going to work with my G-19

Basically do you think the WE is capable of Sharping a Long Flexible Fillet Knife ?

The G-19 is 11 inches and I also have a 6 inch Flexible Fillet knife the G-21
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Re: Long Flexible Fillet Knife - Global G-19 1 year 10 hours ago #10572

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check these threads

I think in case of you are reprofiling, you need patience and skill, but it could be done. In case of touch ups, you want to use very light pressure anyway, so it is not such a problem.
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Re: Long Flexible Fillet Knife - Global G-19 1 year 7 hours ago #10577

Yea the Globals come with a Convex Edge, but its recommended that you sharpen them on waterstones like a Chosera to a V edge.

So I would have to reprofile them to this V edge at 15 degree's.

The Flexible Fillet knife is probably the Hardest knife to sharpen in my kit, but its also the one that is most important to have an Edge.

I need it for Butchering Whole Fish like Grouper, Halibut and Salmon.

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