Sharpening CPM-M4 Manix 2 on Wicked Edge - Time Lapse



This is 140 images taken over a 1 hour period (1 image every 30 seconds in real time) played back at 4 images per sec. These were taken using the Nikon P500 set to take pictures at 1920x1080. My plan was to go all the way to a mirror finish then I noticed my clamp on the sharpener was bent so I took the knife out of the vise & sure enough it was bent. I found out that there was a batch of WEPS clamps that did not get hardened & the aluminum was soft. That batch has been recalled & I received a replacement vise in just 4 days after I called them. Wicked Edge has great customer service & they work hard to please their customers.
Light Bulb
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The incandescent light bulb,...
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Football is the name of several...
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The cat (Felis catus), also known as...

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