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Blank_Handles_an_517ad30eb0081.jpg Average customer rating:

Blank Handles and Platens Pack

A pair of handles and platens, ready for mounting a variety of stones. They're also great for strops of any material.

Sales price: $25.00

Wicked Edge SWAT Jigs for all sharpening machines. Average customer rating:

Variable Stone Thickness Adapter

This tool makes it easy to keep a perfectly consistent angle when using stones of different thicknesses.

Sales price: $40.00

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FIBROUS ERASER BLOCK -Cleans Ceramic & Porcelain Surfaces- -Especially Effective for Cleaning of Ceramic Sharpeners-

Sales price: $4.50

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Digital Angle Gauge

The digital angle gauge is perfect for achieving exact angles while sharpening. It's also great for calibrating angles on saw blades and many other tools.

Sales price: $40.00

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Pro-Pack II Upgrade Kit

The Pro-Pack II Upgrade Kit includes some terrific hardware upgrades and can be installed on any WE100 sharpener including the Gen I and Gen II Basic Kits and the Pro-Pack I.

Sales price: $149.00

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Hard Carrying Case

A large, hard case for storing the sharpener and accessories. Waterproof, impact resistant, crushproof and dustproof. Now back in stock!

Sales price: $185.00

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Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter

The Low Angle Adapter is a clamp extension allowing for angles as low as 10° with the Basic Kit and Pro-Pack I and as low as 8° with the Pro-Pack II. *Actual color is black.

Sales price: $75.00

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Wicked Edge Chisel Adapter

The chisel adapter fits directly into any Wicked Edge sharpener and allows complete control of the angle for precise sharpening. Fits chisel widths of 1/8" to 2". NOW BACK IN STOCK!

Sales price: $110.00