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Accessory Stones

Naniwa___Chosera_517acfee84f90.jpg Average customer rating:

Naniwa - Chosera 800 and 1000 Grit Waterstones Pack

The Chosera stones by Naniwa are the best, fastest cutting waterstones on the market. The action of the stone on the blade is smooth and consistent, giving you excellent feedback while you work. These stones are very popular with sharpening enthusiasts.

Sales price: $160.00

Super_Fine_Ceram_517acf55bdc20.jpg Average customer rating:

Super Fine Ceramic Stones Pack

These ceramic stones, produced using a proprietary method, are excellent for putting a mirror edge on your blade. They are the perfect step between the diamond stones and the strops. Two grits 1200/1600 (2 each).

Sales price: $85.00

Ultra_Coarse___E_517acf858ae74.jpg Average customer rating:

Ultra Coarse / Extra Coarse Stones Pack

Ultra Coarse (50) and Extra Coarse (80) Diamond Stones (2 each) mounted on handles. These stones are fast and aggressive, perfect for re-profiling and repairing your damaged blades quickly.

Sales price: $70.00

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