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TOPIC: Noob Stone Question.

Re: Noob Stone Question. 2 years 3 months ago #3782

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JDS wrote:
Speaking of the 1200/1600's, Iv'e been reading so much WE, I'm getting confused as to where Iv'e seen what, lol. Is it my imagination or are the 1200/1600 Ceramics NOT on the WE site? Or are they the 1.4/.6 micron ones. I can't even remember where I saw them... I'm delirious, been reading for hours. Thx.

Good question - we have them off the site for now since they're out of stock and we're deciding whether to carry them again. I really like the stones but the manufacturer is a major PITA to deal with and won't fully back the product, so that presents us with a dilemma - we do fully back all the products and if they won't also, then what? We're still working on that internally and w/ them. I'd like to bring them back, but will only do so if I'm confident they'll stand behind the stones.
--Clay Allison
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Re: Noob Stone Question. 2 years 3 months ago #3792

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Thank you for the quick and personal responses and explanations. Really makes a difference in my ordering a WE. Interesting to know about the stones, makes sense now.

I'm sure this is on here somewhere, but I've been reading non stop for weeks so I'll just ask now... so what is the equivalent of the 1200/1600 ceramics? And again, why the huge jump from 1000 to paste w/the kit?
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Re: Noob Stone Question. 2 years 3 months ago #3794

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This may answer that question for you:


Here is another real good comparison chart:


Just re-reading your question, I did not address the question about the gap between the 1000 grit stones and the diamond pastes that come with the kit. I think this is the result of all of the experience that Clay has with the system. We can pursue mirror, hanging hair splitting edges, and we do, becuse they are neat and just getting there gives a sense or real accomplishment. The problem with this type of edge is that it is not all that great for many everyday tasks. If you will check out the knife DB you will see many people that stop at the 1000 grit stones and polish with one of the diamond pastes. This will give a very good utility edge that will cut food, cardboard, tape, rope and whittle wood very well while lasting well. You get the slight toothiness while polishing and refining the edge with the diamond compound. Many report that you will still shave arm hair and be able to push cut at this level. In short, a pretty darn good all around edge.

I think that, at some point you have to make a decision what the best kit for the average user will be and sell that. All of the options are still out there if you want them. So you fill in later if you find that you need to.


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