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TOPIC: Destroyed Strops in 24hours

Destroyed Strops in 24hours 2 years 1 week ago #5209

Well after receiving my Pro Kit and working on my first few knives I have managed to completely destroy the strops. I worked really hard to get the technique right but no matter what on my longer Gyuto knives when I get to the tip it slices the strops. They are trash at this point. My question, is there an alternate route with stones to get a smooth finish without strops? I'm not trying to polish the edge as much as get a clean finish. Also I notice a lot of slack in the arms and it often catches at the end, is that normal? Just trying to figure this system out. I've managed to ruin two edges so far so I'm a bit disappointed with the system.
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Re: Destroyed Strops in 24hours 2 years 1 week ago #5211

  • StevenPinson
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Re: Destroyed Strops in 24hours 2 years 1 week ago #5213

  • leomitch
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Hi Sean

I have had the WEPS for 2 years+ with no updates and I have been getting excellent results on my chef's knives...on all my knives for that matter. I am trying to see how you would destroy a set of strops. I can see the odd knick when I am uncoordinated. but unless you are constantly doing downswept strokes with your leather strops, it shouldn't happen. You must see what stroke is doing the damage...what is it? Why do it? I guess I don't understand, because there is nothing inherent in the system that could destroy your strops except moving the leathers into the edge, which will surely destroy them. The slack in the arms should have minimal effect on the edge and real world sharpness unless they are grossly off and then you would know that clearly. Certainly the slack would have no part in the destruction of your strops.
Please paint a clearer picture of your process with the rig to help us see and pinpoint the problem. Right now I can't see what you are doing from your description. Help me out here.

Leo the easily confused :blink:
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Re: Destroyed Strops in 24hours 2 years 1 week ago #5215

  • ApexGS
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The old man and I kinda beat up our strops the first day, from all sorts of oddball things. I've seen the longer blades take knicks out near the tip, but that's easily avoided by changing your technique a bit to give more of a straight outward stroke as opposed to a traditional trailing type motion you would use on a stone. The worst damage was when one of us wasn't paying attention and clacked the handles into each other by mistake... natural reflex is to let go of the thing so it bumped its way down the knife blade and put several "scales" into the leather. No big deal though, they flattened right down and blended in fine.

The couple of bigger chunks taken out (or rather, shaved off usually) actually did the same, blended right back in with some use and a recharge on the compound. It seems to not impact the effectiveness at all!

I suppose my moral here is don't trash the strops straight away, because the leather can heal itself in a manner of speaking, unless you REALLY thrashed the poor things.
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- Tom
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Re: Destroyed Strops in 24hours 2 years 1 week ago #5216

  • MathewWhaley
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The problem (I'm guessing), is that you're copying Clay's videos for your technique (that is, up and away). But you're continuing the motion into a full semicircle, so that by the tip of the blade you're actually moving the strop downwards and into the tip. The other possibility is that you're pressing way too hard on the strop and just scraping the tip along the strop.

To fix, use short, up and away motions in a straight line, without arcing, and use very little pressure. Be especially careful near the tip and take your time, making sure to go away from the edge.

I got a couple of nicks on my strops on my first knife because of the semi-circle stropping motion I was using, but since then I haven't caused them anymore damage, and my knives all turn out just fine.
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Re: Destroyed Strops in 24hours 2 years 1 week ago #5218

  • moss99
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i manage to take several large chunks out of my strops first time i used them theres not a lot of room for error ,, in theory if you get the micro fines at .6 µm its as fine as stroping anyway .. although i am a newb so this just my opinion...
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