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Field & Sport Pro

We're very excited to announce the new Field & Sport Pro. This new knife sharpener combines the portability of the Field & Sport Basic with the precision and smoothness of the Pro-Pack II. The sharpener has some great features:

  • 12 Diamond Stones - 2 Each in 100#, 200#, 400#, 600#, 800# and 1000#
  • Pro-Pack II Degree bar with preset angles from 13-35 degrees
  • Ball-joint pivots with micro-adjustments
  • Custom carrying case
  • Check out the new product page here: Field & Sport Pro


Holiday Shipping Deadlines

christmas present


Planning ahead isn’t always easy, especially around the Holidays. We plan on working extra hard to get Holiday packages on their way as quickly as possible, but Shipping Schedules still reign supreme. So be sure to order early! If you need a little extra time, here are the order deadlines for delivery by December 24th:

UPS Ground: UPS Ground will spend 5-7 days in transit instead of the usual 4, so if you plan on using Ground please be sure to order by Dec 16th.

UPS 3 Day Select: 3 Day Select may be a little slower than usual, so plan for about 4 days in transit. For UPS 3 Day Select, place your order by December 18-19th.

UPS 2nd Day Air: We will not be open on Saturday, December 21st, so be sure to order UPS 2nd Day Air packages by Friday December 20th.

UPS Next Day Air: Next Day Air Packages picked up on December 23rd will be delivered by the 24th.

UPS will be making regular deliveries on the 24th but will not be making pickups or deliveries on the 25th.

For domestic USPS Priority Mail, be sure to order by December 20th for delivery by the 24th. For more information on International shipments, check out the USPS website.

October 2013 Newsletter



October 2013 Newsletter


We just passed the Autumnal Equinox here in Santa Fe and we are thoroughly enjoying the ‘less hot’ season. Our trees are starting to turn gold and red and there is a definite nip in the air. While we’re all enjoying the more comfortable temperatures and the gorgeous foliage, we did experience some heavy rainfall and flooding in Dalton Canyon. On the bright side, hopefully fewer bears will come down into town looking for water. We’re looking forward to more football, more holidays, and eating a lot of pumpkin-based food. 

For all our photography fans, be sure to look up the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which is kicking off at the crack of dawn on October 5th. This annual festival is a great source of pride for all New Mexicans and draws photographers, hot-air balloon enthusiasts, and tourists from all over the world. The Balloon Fiesta is turning 41 this year and there are over 600 hot air balloons scheduled to launch from a field the size of 54 football fields. Hundreds of balloons in a rainbow of colors take flight over Albuquerque making for a spectacular sight. For more information (and more great pictures, check out the Balloon Fiesta Official Website

Photos by Cindy PetrhenPhoto by Cindy PetrhenPhoto by Cindy Petrhen

(Photos by Cindy Petrhen, taken from the Balloon Fiesta website)

While the kids are all officially settled back into school, hunting season is underway. This is a very active part of the year for Wicked Edge for obvious reasons. We are especially excited this year as we are completely in-stock right now and have the brand new Chisel Attachment to announce! Keep reading for more information on our newest product.

New Product: The Wicked Edge Chisel Adapter 

Chisel Attachment

When people inquire about new products and innovations from Wicked Edge, they almost always ask about a chisel sharpening tool. After months of design and prototyping, we are very pleased to announce that the Wicked Edge Chisel Adapter is ready!

The Chisel Adapter can sharpen flat chisels up to 2” wide with the precision you’ve come to expect from Wicked Edge. The Adapter fits into the regular Wicked Edge sharpener clamp and can be tightened with an easy-to-turn wheel. The Adaptor also features a Stop Gate for precise and repeatable mounting of your chisels. The Chisel Adapter is completely compatible with all of our stones and strops and is designed to work perfectly with both regular and upgraded Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners. We’re proud to say the Chisel Adapter is made in Vermont. Order yours now and you will receive it in 2-3 weeks! For more information, click here. 

Featured Product: The Wicked Edge Illuminator

Fall means three things: Raking leaves, shorter days, and hunting season. While we can’t help you with the first one, we got you covered with the other two. The Wicked Edge Illuminator is a 4”, AUS-8 steel, fixed blade knife fitted with four ultra-bright LED lights in the textured handle. The Illuminator is great for hunting, camping, fishing, or any other task that requires a little extra light in the dark. The Illuminator runs on 2 AAA batteries and is water resistant. For more information, click here 

Tips and Tricks: Sharpening Longer Blades

The Wicked Edge Sharpener is capable of sharpening a blade up to 17 inches long. This will cover the majority of knives out there. However, sometimes you may want to sharpen other things like machetes or swords. To do this you will need to sharpen your blade in multiple sections. Sharpen the first section with all of the stones and strops until you are satisfied with the finish. Then reposition the blade using the same angle and depth settings. Sharpen the next section using the same stones and strops. You should overlap your strokes over the previously finished section. This is to make sure your level of polish is uniform across the entire blade. 

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November 2013 Newsletter



Happy Post-Halloween and Dia de los Muertos from Wicked Edge! We hope you had as good a time as we all did. Fall is very busy time in the Southwest, between Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (the Mexican day of remembrance, November 1-2), and gearing up for Thanksgiving we have a lot of celebrating to do. It’s a lot of work but someone has to do it!

caleverathanksgiving 1Papeil picado

We are happy to announce that we have all of our items in stock.  Our office will be closed November 28-29 for Thanksgiving, but we’ll be open for business on the following Monday. Wicked Edge will be exhibiting at the New York Custom Knife Show at The Westin - Jersey City Newport from November 22-24. Come get your knife sharpened and check out all of our newest products!

Finally, we are very happy to announce our newest dealer; Woodcraft woodcarving supply now carries many of our products including our Chisel Adapter. We’re excited to be getting into the woodcarving and carpentry world and working with more and more blade enthusiasts.


Tips and Tricks: The Chisel Adapter

weca 01

The Wicked Edge Chisel Adapter is one of our newest products and allows the Wicked Edge to sharpen any flat ground chisel between 1/8" and 2". It is extremely easy to use. Mount your chisel face down with the bevel facing outward. Rest the edge of your chisel on the stop and then tighten the chisel in the clamp. Once tightened, loosen the stop and slide it away from your chisel. The angle settings on the Wicked Edge are not calibrated for the Chisel Attachment. To find your angle mark the entire bevel with a marker. Then rub the bevel with a finer stone until the marker is worn off evenly, along the entire bevel with just a few strokes. If the marker comes off more toward the front of the bevel your angle is too narrow. If it rubs off more toward the back of the bevel your angle is too wide.  Once you have found your angle lock your guide rod in place, record your angle setting for repeatability, and start sharpening with your coarsest stone in a scrubbing motion. Sharpen with all of your stones with the same scrubbing motion until you are satisfied with the result. If you would like to use leather strops, do so in a downward motion only. To finish your chisel remove it from the clamp, place the back side of the chisel completely flat against your finest stone and rub it back and forth a few times to remove the burr. 

Featured Product: Medium/Fine Stones for Curved Blades


For the vast majority of knives, flat sharpening stones will do all the sharpening you need. Even for knives with a pronounced downward curve or slight ‘bump’ in the blade, such as a Drop-Point blade or the Benchmade 150-1 Glory Knife respectively, a flat stone will do the trick. However, when you have a knife with a Hawkbill profile or a very prominent recurve then you need to use a curved stone .

The Wicked Edge Medium/Fine Curved Stones pack is a set of two 400/600 grit ceramic stones in plastic handles with a semi-circular profile made for getting into both shallow and steep curves. The Vitrified bond ceramic is a great sharpening and polishing medium and, like our other ceramic stones, will last for hundreds of uses. For more information, check out the Medium/Fine Stones for Curved Blades page and be sure to scroll down for Clay’s video on using these great stones.

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For all the Social Media junkies out there, keeping in touch with Wicked Edge doesn't end with our Forum. Check out our Facebook, our Tumblr, and our Twitter.

Hard Carrying Case

top front

We recently introduced a new, hard carrying case. This is a large, waterproof and impact resistant case with pressure relief valve. Stores the Wicked Edge Basic Kit, Pro-Pack 1 or Pro-Pack 2 sharpeners and up to 10 sets of stones and/or strops, stropping paste and angle gauge. For full details and specifications, check it out here: Hard Carrying Case