Knife Sharpening Studies on the Wicked Edge Forum


Lately this is my favorite image. While not pretty, it shows something really interesting: On the right hand side is a bevel that is polished so smoothly that even at 2000x magnification, it's almost free of any marks. On the left are a series of scratches made by the 400 grit diamond plates. What's interesting, and exciting, is that we can get such a tremendous polish and that we can really see in fine detail the effects of what we're doing. There is a very nice write up of this knife sharpening study here on the Wicked Edge forum: Knife Sharpening Study. In addition to this sharpening study, there are many others sprinkled throughout the forum along with many, many posts about peoples' knife sharpening experiences. If you have a chance, please do drop by the forum and register. It's an absolute wealth of knowledge about knife sharpening.