Field & Sport Quickstart

Please visit the Demo Page for a brief video of using the Wicked Edge Field & Sport.


  1. Base, D-Rod, JawAssembly
  2. C-Clamp
  3. 3/16 Allen Wrench4. Marker
  4. (2) Guide Rod Assembly
  5. (2) Red-100 Grit /Orange-200 Grit Stones
  6. (2) Yellow-400 Grit /Green-600 Grit Stones


  1. Remove the #1 Base and Jaw Assembly from Case.
  2. Clamp the Base to a firm surface with the supplied C-Clamp.
  3. Slide the clear pivot of the #5 Rod Assembly onto the D-Rod by aligning the pin in the clear portion of the guide arm assembly with the flattened top of the D-Rod. When this pin is aligned with the flat top of the D-Rod, the Rod Assembly will move freely, adjusting the angle. The D-Rod is marked at 16, 20, 24, 28 degrees.
  4. Insert knife blade between the Jaws and snug the top bolt using the 3/16 Allen wrench provided.
  5. Snug the bottom bolt to firmly clamp the knife. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Setting the Angle:

  1. Use the included marker to color in the knife bevels.
  2. Adjust the Rod Assembly to 20 degrees and use one of the 600 grit stones to make several passes along the blade. If the marker is removed only at the very edge of the blade, the angle is too wide. If the marker is removed only at the shoulder of the bevel, the angle istoo narrow. Adjust the angle accordingly, until all the marker is removed from the bevel.


  1. Start with the Red, 100 grit stones and make approximately 15 passes per side, followed by the Orange 200 grit, then the Yellow, 400 grit and finishing with the Green, 600 grit.
  2. Repeat step 3 until the knife is sharp.

Advanced Instructions:

  1. Once you've mounted the knife in the clamp and set the angle, the instructions are the same for any of the sharpeners. Please visit the Instructions Main Page and the FAQ Page for additional tips and strategies.