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01 Apr 2014 04:19
So as some of you know from my last thread, I am very new to the Wicked Edge compared to most of you. I have seen and heard of the illusive hair whittling edge and wondered what it takes to get there. I don't mean the type of hair whittling on a super toothy edge. I mean whittling hairs with a super refined edge. I was wondering if this is accomplished more with tools (broken in stones, chosera x stone, shapton x stone, WE microfine ceramics, etc) or is it able to be accomplished with the...
20 Mar 2014 17:08
I had exactly the same sense, that the 1600 sounded and felt coarser than the 1200. But when I examined the results under a 200X microscope, it was clear that the 1600 was a finer grit than the 1200. Even so, it's hard to ignore your instincts. Although I'll frequently finish a blade with the 1000's, I never finish with the 1600's. I'll always go on to the strops or to the new microfines.
Category: Abrasives
25 Feb 2014 14:45
I have never been able to get hair whittling, tree topping sharp. Razor sharp, yes...but never have whittled a hair. I raise a burr on both sides, then polish through the standard progression to 1000 diamonds, the super fine and microfine ceramics and finish with 5/3.5 balsa and 1/.5 cow leather. Mirror finish, will slice phone book paper and shave my arm, but no tree topping or hair whittling here. I have sharpened around 50 knives so I know my stones are broken in. I usually make about...
Category: Ultimate Sharpness
16 Jan 2014 16:54
Got a WE pro pack 1 + the MicroFine ceramics. Mainly just for pocket knives, and a few kitchen knives.

I did a Kershaw Leek with it first, but I made the mistake of stropping it without reducing the angle first. So after stropping it was shinier, but didn't seem as sharp. Haven't gotten around to fixing it.

Next I did a really cheap kitchen pairing knife. It wasn't quite butter knife dull, but it was definitely close. Finished it with the ceramics only. It now easily shaves hair. And...
Category: Knife Photos
29 Oct 2013 05:41

Still there is something with the ceramics that make the shave somewhat harsher than waterstones from my experience, and that is something that puzzles me. I have managed to get smooth shaves directly from a Norton 8000#, and they are only rated at about 3um. Our WEPS microfines should be way better from looking at the grit chart. The 15k Shaptons are "only" rated at 0.98um...

However, as I said to Bob, The ceramics work fine from my point of view, as long as the razor is sufficiently...
15 Oct 2013 11:52
SimarjeetSahni wrote:
Anyone know where the microfine stones come in on the grit chart? I would love to see clay update his version with pictures :)

Thanks for the reminder. I'm gearing up to re-shoot all the grits under the new microscope (not new anymore but new since I last updated the chart) and with the new microscope stage I had built so the photos can be really consistent. I'll jump on that and get the chart updated.
Category: Abrasives
15 Oct 2013 09:32
Anyone know where the microfine stones come in on the grit chart? I would love to see clay update his version with pictures :)
Category: Abrasives
14 Oct 2013 09:22
Hello, here a picture of my first edgs on the WE.

Spyderco Delica. Worked up from 200-400-600-800-1000-1200-1600- and finally the two microfine ceramic stones. Ended with stropping on a tormek leather wheel with Flexcut gold.
Category: Knife Photos
09 Oct 2013 12:35
You are welcome.

1. Step from 1k diamond to 1.4 microceramics are absolutely ok. In case of ceramics, it is difficult to determine the grit size, so values are only tentative. There was discussion whether are 1.4 ceramics finer or coarser then the 1200/1600 with no definitive result. 0.6 are finer than others. So one set of ceramics is sufficient, I like microfines more, but they are more expensive also.

2. Strops work very different than stones, normal procedure is go through stones and...
11 Aug 2013 05:58
Probably can't get a better answer than Josh's.... I would add that, like scissors, don't polish the blade out. Also make sure the part it mates to is "crisp" and free of any dings. I've only done one (my own)... on the part opposite the cutting edge I cleaned up with a very fine stone.... (a fine Spyderco stone, so similar to the MicroFine-Fine if you have either one.) Not sure if it's correct, but figured probably not good to take much off of that side, and it came out cutting well.
Category: Off Topic
08 Aug 2013 04:13
PhilipPasteur wrote:
II also have "really" lapped the stones with the DMT XXC, C, and XF diamonds plates...
This will make a big difference for sure. I think that Curtis reported lapping his ceramic stones... using a different set of plates.
cbwx34 wrote:
Ran across the thread on Lapping the MicroFine Ceramics, thought it might have some relevant info.

Good points, guys. I still have to get a DMT XF plate...
Category: Ceramic Stones
07 Aug 2013 15:39
Some more preliminary results, all at 15 degrees:

Superfine 1600# = 200g
Microfine 0.6um = 185g
14um Strops 10 strokes = 175g
14um Strops 20 strokes = 195g
14um Strops 30 strokes = 220g

These are quick results, not well documented yet as I'm still just getting a feel for the testing methodology, the data collection, the machine etc...

Still, it's fascinating to see the rapid improvement from just a little light stropping, at a much coarser grit and then see the edge degrade...
03 Aug 2013 05:56
Ran across the thread on Lapping the MicroFine Ceramics, thought it might have some relevant info.
Category: Ceramic Stones
03 Aug 2013 03:28
PhilipPasteur wrote:

Ken said:
No, the other way:
Curtis said:
MicroFine Coarse --> 1200 ---> 1600 --> MicroFine Fine.

That having been said... there is no "NO" when sharpening..
It depends is a better answer.

My "no" was not 'you can't do that' or even 'you shouldn't do that' it was 'no, that's not what I said' (or what Curtis said ;) ) So there IS a "no" in sharpening, when it's clarifying what you said ;)

THAT said, of course, you are right, Phil. Any sharpening strategy or technique that works for you is...
Category: Ceramic Stones
02 Aug 2013 20:52
I can make a 1200 grit edge look like a mirror with the right angle and lighting.. in a photograph..
not in person!

There are no real "mirror" bevels when using under 5K to at least 10K for polishing.. THEN stropping.

Anyone saying they have a "mirror" edge with anything less, is using a definition that does not match mine (nor that of industry, or aerospace metrology). If it is not as bright, and reflective as a bathroom mirror, and has more than 5% of the bevel containing visible scratches,...
Category: Ceramic Stones
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