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Today 01:21
mark76 wrote:
Hi Jim, welcome to the forum! Do you own a WEPS? And do you use it to sharpen your straight razor?

Nice of Tom to refer you to this forum. I love his blog and video's. And I own a straight razor I bought from his...


I have never known anyone to hone a straight on any machine, other, I suppose, than the belt sander guys, and they don't produce a shavable edge.

I have used a WEPS on knives, as I have tested couple of other machines. Even to a knife machine newbie like me it seemed clear...
Category: Welcome Mat
Today 23:53
Hi Jim, welcome to the forum! Do you own a WEPS? And do you use it to sharpen your straight razor?

Nice of Tom to refer you to this forum. I love his blog and video's. And I own a straight razor I bought from his...
Category: Welcome Mat
03 Jul 2014 05:59
Wicked Edge sharp knives wrote:
I cannot shave arm hair - but admittedly - I don't use a razor so I might not be able to shave arm hair with foam and a razor.

I have a great USB magnifier, the best stones, pretty good technique as far as I can tell or maybe this is where I can improve. The guys I see on the you-tube videos are achieving far better results as they are push cutting paper, shaving with their sharpened knives, etc.

How can I move to the next level? Are their videos you can recommend or do I need to upload...
18 Jun 2014 07:02
Thanks for having me! :)

I've seen some threads about people saying their angles were changing where the stone hit the edge just by their grip on the paddles. I think I'd seen in a video that some said they were holding the stones higher to make sure the stone is hitting the edge. I've seen some say they hold about 2/3 of the way up. I've been holding mine with my thumb in the top indentation and 3 or 4 fingers on the other side. What seems to be the best grip for accuracy?

I never did any...
20 Mar 2014 08:15
tcmeyer wrote:
BTW, the other night I watched your video on how to sharpen straight razors on the Pro Pack, by rotating the pivot blocks 90 degrees to move the pivot point off center, relative to the clamps. Very, very clever. Will the new system still allow you to do that?

I'll have to test if the new system will work for straight razors and get back to you.
19 Mar 2014 23:25
Geez guys... I should have used one of those little smiley face doomajiggies. :P It was meant as a joke. I thought "Professional" was just fine.

But if you're in the mood to change the name, it occurred to me that what's different is that this new package is an integrated system. The existing Pro Pack was already a professional sharpener compared to the other systems out there. The new pack has an improved "clamp on center" feature, but otherwise, the main feature is that it does put...
07 Feb 2014 11:33
razoredgeknives wrote:
Note: I used the Low angle Accessory because otherwise I couldn't get the scissors to open all the way since the handle would bump into the WEPS base.

I have a stack of scissors people want sharpened. So, I set out to try something based on what I saw of pictures in this thread.

I wanted to make something less complicated -- mostly because I don't have the facilities to build something like the ones pictured.

So, this is what I came up with.


When I purchased, I...
29 Oct 2013 11:20
Here's the final results of what I've done so far on my practice razor.

I set up my WE like Clay showed in his video, but for some reason, I had to mount the razor by the curved end, not the tang right behind the razor, but the very end. It worked out.

As I said in an earlier post, this razor's edge looked to have teeth like a hack saw. I wasn't sure how course of a stone I'd need to get the edge dressed to the point of sharpening.

I started with the ceramics just to see what they would take...
29 Oct 2013 04:33
mark76 wrote:
Hi Bob, I also do my straight razors on the Wicked Edge. I don't do anything to clamp the razor in a special way and the WEPS is perfectly capable to sharpen straight razors in this way.

However, you need to be aware that straight razors need a very fine finish in order to not to feel too harsh on the skin. In the straight razor world an 8K finish is generally considered to be the minimum. My 10K Chosera and 15K Shaptons are very good for this :cheer: .

Just the ceramics will give you too...
28 Oct 2013 22:52
Thank You,
I have seen Clay's video and that is why I decided to take on this job.
28 Oct 2013 19:32
You should be able to do it with the equipment you have, though it is not ideal. I have tried it on some of my razors. If you want to clamp your razor in the WE you should check out Clay's video on how to set it up first. You can also use your stones flat on the table. The razor spine is your angle guide. Depending on the condition of the razor I have sometimes started with the ceramics and sometimes with the 1000# diamond (something that will make the purists cringe:-) It's important to be...
28 Oct 2013 15:24
A guy saw me sharpening knives last Saturday and asked if I could do a straight razor. Sure I said with all the confidence I could fake at the moment. I never honed a straight razor and might never hone one again. He's supposed to show up with this antique razor on Saturday.

He wants to use this razor to shave body parts to get them ready to tattoo. He says he's also a prep cook and could I also do his collection of knives.

The knives are no problem, but I'd like some direction in doing this...
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