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TOPIC: Wanna have a 1000 Laguiole knives made? Or swords?

Wanna have a 1000 Laguiole knives made? Or swords? 7 months 2 days ago #16633

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I can admire a well-made knife. Particularly a Laguiole knife, of which I own a few.

But quite often I stumble upon badly made Laguiole knives. Bad finishing, gaps between the plates and bolster, plastic handles, blades that hit the spring, these are just a few signs. See here for more information on how to distinguish a badly made, or "fake", Laguiole.

I was told that nine times out of ten these fake Laguioles come from Pakistan. I even tried to find on the Internet the factories or workshops they come from. To no avail.

But now a manufacturer has found me! And even better, they don't make just Laguiole knives, but nearly everything that cuts. Pocket knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, even Samurai swords.

I got the following reaction to a blog post of mine on Laguiole knives.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Wanna have a 1000 Laguiole knives made? Or swords? 7 months 2 days ago #16636

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Oh goodie! Cripeies, I want one of their knives!!! LOL!! :silly:

Never go anywhere without your knife!
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Leo James Mitchell
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Wanna have a 1000 Laguiole knives made? Or swords? 7 months 2 days ago #16639

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It is a shame that both Laguiole & Sabatier did not patent their names Sabatiers are made all over the world I have two that I would call genuine they are made by Sabatier K vintage carbon series which were made in the 1960s I guess that they did not all sell with the influx of Stainless steel .
I have two Giles Laguioles which are one of the better Laguioles although there are a few more high quality Laguioles made in the Theirs region. I have seen cheap Laguioles at fairs here in Mallorca they are around10€ so one can not expect much from a 10€ knife.
The Pakistani knives are cheap I am sure they could be made better but they have a cheap mentality they also make Damascus steel but once again the quality does not compare to either Japanese ,European or American Damascus once again you get what you pay for .
I have also seen Rockstead copies on EBay made in China .
Ultimately I suppose it depends upon the buyer usually cheap means it will break or wear out way before the genuine article and ultimately in many cases if something is to be used a lot will cost much more with replacements than the genuine article .
A lot of knife makers both in Europe and USA are really not happy with these nasty cheap knives made in Pakistan or China and would also claim it encourages slave labour and dangerous working conditions.

Shoes are a great example often a 10€ pair of shoes will nor last more than weeks worth of wear a good quality and priced pair is another story.

Leo Nav
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