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TOPIC: Old Gerber dagger

Re: Old Gerber dagger 1 year 5 months ago #10932

  • KenBuzbee
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I have that exact MK I (I also have it's big brother, the MK II ;) ) L6 tool steel. I LOVE that knife. Incredibly tough. I was sad when they switched to a lower grade tool steel.

For sharpening, I've always just used sandpaper. It has a zero edge (no bevel) That the only way I ever found to do it. Too many arcs to get results from a stone (for me anyway)

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Re: Old Gerber dagger 1 year 5 months ago #10936

  • cbwx34
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So, I paid my penance, here's the info FWIW. :dry:


As you can see, this knife is a bit beat up. :blush: All of the errant grind marks are from past sharpening attacks (long before the WE). I probably haven't even carried this knife in over 10 yr., although I used to carry it all the time.

Didn't have the most even edge on it, so I picked an angle that wouldn't cause me a lot of effort, which turned out to be 32 deg.... per side. :S Seems steep until I realized the rest of the bevel is around 12 deg. so the the edge is around 20 deg. per side give or take. Not too bad. Leaves a bevel around 1/16" wide.

Anyway, came out pretty good, actually sharper than it's ever been from what I remember, and better than I expected (especially since I didn't spend a lot of time on it). I just sharpened it to 600g... not stropping or anything else. It'll slice paper... won't really pushcut... and will actually shave a few arm hairs, although I wouldn't call it shaving sharp. It'll pass all the "Edge Tester" tests (discussed elsewhere). I don't think the steel in this one is very good... not sure how it compares to a Gerber, but guessing this is a knock off. (Didn't know much about knives back then either). :ohmy: Plus it gets thick pretty fast behind the edge. Since I'm sharpening a "fighting knife" ;) I tested.... with a 600g finish it would immediately cut into skin when I tried. :woohoo:

Thanks Leo! :lol:
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Re: Old Gerber dagger 1 year 5 months ago #10938

  • leomitch
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I had one of those Gerbers some time ago, sturdy litle things they are. Someone broke into my car and stole a lot of stuff and that little knife was part of it. You did well to get a good edge on it Curtis.
Here is my present Gerber Limited Edition Command II Fighting Knife. It is the one below the F/S wicked-looking dagger.

Never go anywhere without your knife!
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Leo James Mitchell
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